Winnipeg and North River Heights 2014 Real Estate year end stats

January 6th, 2015
It is the start of another real estate year and for the area North River Heights* (area designation 1C) the beginning of 2015 started off with an inventory low of 13 single family listings. This is down from a 2014 high of approximately 50+ listings. The area of 1C* had a total of 215 sales in 2014 with values ranging from a low of 140,000 to a high of 1.15 million. The median property value ...

Public Open House on Manitoba Flood Control Infrastructure

January 3rd, 2015
Public open house.png
This is a must attend event for those cottagers, residents or farmers that are intersted in the current and future operational guidelines of the Red River Floodway, the Portage Diversion and the Fairford River Water Control Structure. Make sure you attend one of these events and share your views on how these should be operated.

Lack of maintenance and foresight by the Province has got to a cr ...